Floating Amongst the Stars
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TomboFry's brand new progressive-pop album, available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

🎵 Floating Amongst the Stars - A New Album (Finally)

🎵 Floating Amongst the Stars - A New Album (Finally)

It's been 4 years since my last official album made up of original music (The Lost Tapes), and it's been a wild ride the whole time since. This was originally going to be an album about daydreaming and feeling alone while stuck in my house during lockdown, but as time progressed I learnt so much more about myself, and started to actually understand these feelings. While themes of daydreaming are still ever-present throughout, I eventually realised quite late into the process that I'm singing about autism, ADHD, and gender dysphoria.

I have so desperately wanted to make "proper" music for so long. I grew up inspired by so many creative artists, like Jeff Lynne from ELO, and Jem Godfrey from Frost* (to the general public, they're a relatively unheard of British prog-rock band), and my first non-chiptune album definitely had to pay homage to their style of music.

You can listen to the first song on the album using the player below.

Lyrics (click to open)

Above my head
I see a starry constellation
And when I dream
Another galaxy's creation
A distant realm
My mind is found and it is taken.
I wander free, in reverie
In a world that's mine, lost in time, eternity.

Floating amongst the stars
Wondering who we are
I'm learning how to fly

Floating amongst the stars
Wondering who we are
I've travelled across the sky

While I drift from afar
I am holding a star
And wherever you are
I'll guide you home
But before you know I'm gone.

Was it all just a dream?
Fell apart at the seams?
Can you tell if this is reality?
Well, not for me, and now...

In the velvet sea of night
There are cosmic trails of starlight
That light up your face
With a warm embrace
It's a wonderful sight

Floating amongst the stars
Wondering who we are
I'm learning how to fly

Floating amongst the stars
Wondering who we are
I've travelled across the sky

And we all live together, it's us 'til the end
If you see what I see, then please tell a friend
I'm floating amongst the stars, across the sky...

If you like it enough, please consider getting a CD, via Bandcamp.

Rambling About The Tracks

The first 7 tracks of Floating Amongst the Stars are directly related to my feelings of neurodivergence and gender dysphoria - songs about not fitting in, constant overwhelming thoughts, and disassociating. Musically, they're not supposed to sound depressing at all. In fact I wanted them to be as addicting as possible, with lots of layers of harmonies, cool chord progressions, and if you don't pay attention to the lyrics you'll have a jolly old time!

Tracks 8, 9, and 10 are more lighthearted fun, and have much less to do with the overarching theme, but they're songs I'm still really proud of and would love for you to hear. Fun fact, back in 2018 on a livestream I once said I'd eventually make a proper song about cats, and here we finally are!

Lion is a song about a friend's cat called Bean, and it uses several samples I'd collected over the years of my childhood cats Alfie and Milo (the same two you saw if you got a copy of the Basking in the Sunlight CD!) before they passed away in 2018.


I really hope you like this album. I appreciate it's very different than my usual stuff, so if you were expecting chiptune - just know that making new music is constantly on my mind 😇

Here are all the links to listen to the album in the place you like to the most:

Who Made the Album Art??!

Finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to Sleepiest Designs for this album's cover art. Her art is very cute, and I love it. It's a CAT! And it's in a SPACE SUIT!!! 😭😭😭 Please go check her stuff out and follow her on Instagram and stuff please and thank you 🙏 https://instagram.com/sleepiestdesigns


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