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I can compose and produce 8-bit / chiptune music for any online series or game you are working on. To the side are some examples of my previous commissions and other pieces of work I am proud of. You will notice that the degree of chiptune can vary more towards 80's synthwave, although this is the full extent of the style I am offering.

When requesting custom pieces of work, please describe what you're looking for as best you can, so I can get a feel for them. Also supply me with as much information as possible about how you want each song to sound, including the length, any inspirations you have, or a specific style to imitate, so I can make it the best I possibly can.

If you have a video already made or a storyboard to follow along, please also supply it along with the inquiry.

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I am reachable by any of the following methods, although email is generally preferred:


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