LD42 - I

LD42 - I'm giving in, but here's a memento

I am NOT a quitter, but I do like to aim very high, therefore I've clearly pushed myself too hard. I'm proud of what I've made in such a short space of time, but it's not enough to finish a playable game when there's only two hours left before the deadline.

Here's some gameplay:

And some of the features I managed to implement in this time:

  • Smooth camera with Point of Interests (gently moves camera towards something important as you approach it) and of course, screen shake.
  • Remappable controller and keyboard support
  • Split-screen potential (everything was carefully set up in a way to support it later on)
  • Inventory management - Pick up items and weapons, swap them around, and drop them.
  • Animated NPCs and Dialogue system, with choice options (eg. the level selector guy you saw)
  • Reusable menus - Works as title menu, options, pause menu, and dialogue options. Add transitions if you want.
  • Fully persistent levels
  • Nearly everything is inherited, so everything is super fast to implement (I just spent too long actually implementing that... 😛)
  • Interactivity - If you want to make literally any object interactive, just make sure it inherits the "interactable" object - This applies to NPCs, item pickups, and doors so far.
  • Slow-motion - You didn't see it in this video but you can slow the whole game down without lowering the frame rate, for buttery smooth action sequences 😉

Basically what happened is I abused GameMaker Studio to make future game development easier for myself - Which isn't a game!!! 😠

GitHub source code: https://github.com/TomboFry/TheMissingLink


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