The First Time I

The First Time I've Taken Part in Ludum Dare for Four Years

I used to take part in Ludum Dare, entering every event between LD26 and LD30 (At one point I came #26 overall!). This means I haven't taken part in four whole years, mainly due to university and subsequently getting a full-time job. Now that I can manage my spare time more efficiently, I've decided to take part in Ludum Dare once again!

My tools:

  • Game Maker Studio 1.4 - Old-school and terrible, but I love it and have become a "master" of sorts.
  • Aseprite and/or GM:S built-in sprite editor - Not big in the graphics department, but I'll try.
  • FL Studio 12 - I am better known for making chiptune music, so you should expect something decent from the audio category 😉
  • ShareX - "Why is a screenshot program in your tools list?" Well, when it comes to showing off your game, you need a powerful screenshot shortcut replacement. This one lets me draw, add text, and blur things before I even take the screenshot, and also supports recording a video/GIF without going through the effort of opening the likes of OBS.
  • OBS - Don't get me wrong, despite putting it down in the last point, I still use OBS. It's incredibly powerful, and who knows, I might do a bit of streaming! I'll also likely record gameplay with this to help me make a "trailer", assuming there's even time.
  • foobar2000 - You can't enter a game jam without your music jam! It helps you focus. The reason I use this specifically for music is because it supports anything you throw at it (assuming you can provide it a decoder), and its layout can be edited to any way you like. See my setup in the screenshot below.
  • A little bit of magic - The enthusiasm and spirit of LD puts a huge grin on my face 😁

My foobar2000 setup

All that's left to say now is... GL;HF! 😊

See a copy of this post on the Ludum Dare website


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